Thursday, August 23, 2012

I'm Still Here... And So Are UFOs

I'm belatedly reading Leslie Kean's excellent book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On Record.

Kean, a excellent reporter and careful writer received praise from all quarters when her book was released in 2010. I remember seeing her interviewed by Jon Stewart, wanting to read her work. At the time, however, a family medical crisis and the slow recovery afterward was sucking all the air out of the household in which I live.

Then, I got busy working to pay the medical bills.

And in the process I kind of let this blog slide.

But only halfway through Kean's book I am already fired up and have about six articles I want to write, and new questions to ask. It's an amazing book, and if, like me. you are one of those people who was successfully browbeaten into discarding the extraterrestrial hypothesis and focusing on myth and psychology instead, you really HAVE to read Kean's book.

In just the first half, Kean gives enough compelling evidence for the physical reality of UFOs to make the gnarliest debunker stop and think again. Moreover, when I saw how much more open and advanced other nations were on the topic as compared with the U.S., I was gobsmacked.

Seriously, we, the US of A, are the crabby secretive douchebags of the world when it comes to UFO research. Why? Kean explains some of it, which dates back to the fifties when the CIA got involved in the topic, fearful that a major flap could jam phonelines and become a security risk. I knew about that, but what I didn't know was how much more seriously the rest of the world was reacting.

Think UFO sightings have dropped off drastically since the 70s?

I thought that too, but guess what?

UFO sightings worldwide have been INCREASING steadily since the topic first caught fire in the US in the late 40s.

In fact, a large UFO hovered over a landing strip at O'Hare airport in Chicago in 2002, and was seen by dozens of airport personnel including passing pilots.

Want photographic proof?

She's got it. (Not of Chicago, but from other cases, and it's good too.)

Want physical evidence?

She cites it.

Want names of serious military and civilian aircraft personnel and scientists from all over the world who no longer think UFOs are funny or something to ridicule?

She lists plenty.

So here I am, sort of back where I was when I first got hooked on this topic so many years ago.

I've written a lot of stuff outside the ET hypothesis, but I've never said the phenomenon was foolish or unworthy of serious study. Now, I am thinking I have to open myself again to the ETH and find a way to reconcile it with my own work. And I think I can.

So keep an eye on this blog, and in the mean time, pick up Leslie Kean's book and start reading.

The truth may be out there.

But if you think you will get it from the US government or about half the people writing UFO books for money, you won't.

This is why investigative reporting is 'worth it'. It's a shame we don't have more of it in the U.S.