Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weird Stuff That Has Happened to Me While Writing about UFOs

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Jacques Vallee has said on many occasions that if you investigate UFO phenomena in a serious way, the phenomena (and ordinary people) will start to mess with you.

This was his point in Messengers of Deception, one of his last books on UFO phenomena.

When Vallee wrote this book, he was thoroughly frustrated and disgusted with both the UFO community AND the scientific community, and who can blame him?

Things have only gone downhill since.

I am hardly a top researcher of anything, let alone UFOs, but I take anomalous phenomena seriously and have been calling for rigorous, serious investigation of the same for several decades, the last decade online.

Has anyone (or anything) messed with me during that time?

Without being paranoid, I'd say the answer is a qualified yes.

  1. Back in the late seventies, when I first began to take the topic seriously (and had had experiences of my own), I was engaged to a man who wanted to work for the FBI. At the time we lived in northern Indiana, and I worked in a factory that made camera bags. I also attended university part-time. After my fiancee applied to the bureau for the fourth time, he actually received a positive response and we prepared to move to DC. During the preparatory phase I was visited by a man who identified himself as an FBI agent no less than three different times, once at my job. The only question I was ever asked was whether or not my fiancee was a communist. I was never shown any ID or given any names. My fiancee found this weird because only one agent was assigned to our city, and these people were not him. Men in Black? Probably not, but then again...
  2. Fast forward to DC, circa 1979. DH was working as a translator for the FBI. I began to receive odd phone calls, not unlike those described by John A. Keel in The Mothman Chronicles: static-y, weird electronic sounds with background noise that sometimes sounded like hissing voices. These continued into the mid-eighties, even after I left my FBI husband and remarried. One week, I received a call from Budd Hopkins, whom I'd written after reading one of his books. That week, my phone pretty much went crazy with these bizarre calls. 
  3. Since writing this blog, I've had some unpleasant encounters while attempting to discuss UFOs online. One person actively harassed me, telling me that I had had no UFO experiences but was rather part of a dark, nasty CIA experiment in mind control. Another person began to relentlessly email me after I'd posted something about blown stems in crop circles, explaining to me that this was bogus and assuring me that he knew all about it and had researched it for years. Finally I said, fine, OK, just to get off it. But really, radiation and plant anomalies HAVE been found in some crop circles, and this has been confirmed by university labs, not just ufologists. 
  4. I have received numerous emails and messages attempting to discredit major UFO investigators. Their degrees are bogus, they've done this, they are not who they say they are, they have done that, etc. Very annoying. 
  5. Most recently I received a graduate paper about UFOs and alien abduction experiences from a man I do not know who prefaced this act of 'reaching out' with the caveat that he knew 'lots of people don't like me very much and aren't happy with my theories' but he would tolerate them because of my psychology background. I got repeat emails asking what I thought of his paper, but when I'd reply and ask him questions, I never got answers.
Some of this--a lot of it actually--can be chalked up to the fact that this topic attracts a wide range of unusual people (some would say 'cranks'), and to the fact that anytime anyone writes anything online, SOMEONE will step up and tell that person what a jerk he or she is. That's just the internets (it's a series of tubes, I hear...)

But part of it is a little disturbing and  contains mild, veiled threats that don't scare me much but are, how can I say this? Creepy. Yucky. Suspect.

So even though Leslie Kean, in her recent book UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record, says that the US might not be so much hiding things as just mystified by what's happening, I do think Vallee is right that the deeper you dive into this stuff, the weirder it gets.

My personal belief is that part of that is our government, and part of it is the phenomena itself.

Happily, I see signs of a turnaround, Kean's excellent book being one of those signs.

In future posts I'll list other reliable resources and ideas on how serious study of the data available could yield serious insights and prompt a search for more data.


  1. Oh Pam. I am glad that you wrote this. I have one article that I wrote about my recent encounter with UFO's and it is on Hubpages. I did get lots of people that came out of the woodwork telling me this is all wrong and that I, too, didn't see a thing. I will post the link on your post on FB.

    1. Thank you Debbie! Yes, you get lots of that if you write about this stuff. It helps to have a thick skin!

  2. I'm reposting this because it seems Leslie Kean's thinking about UFOs may be quite similar to mine, although I haven't read her book yet:

    The truth is: the U.S. and other governments don't know what UFOs are and cannot stop them from doing whatever they want. That's the real secret they don't want people to know. If people knew this, the governments would lose power over their citizenry. They want us to believe that they know everything worth knowing, that they are the biggest dogs on the block and that they are running things. The reality of unexplainable UFOs would destroy that illusion therefore the public must not know the truth. Don't believe your lying eyes!

  3. Unfortunately the topic of UFOs attracts a lot of nutbags and weirdos. I believe that is one of the reasons that many researchers are so reluctant to study UFOs. They don't want to have to deal with these people. Who can blame them? They have an actual real life and are not obsessed with UFOs and conspiracies. That's why I've remained mostly Anonymous throughout 55 years of studying UFOs. When I surface, it's only with people I know. Some are "believers" and some are not but they are all intelligent, informed, know scientific methodology and are not insane.

  4. One thing I learned a long time ago, whether UFOs are ETs, something else or don't exist, it makes no practical difference in the life of the ordinary everyday person. Even if ETs revealed themselves to the entire world tomorrow, most folks would say, "That's interesting," followed by "What's for dinner!" or "I'm going to be late for work!" or "What time does the game start?"