Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Are You Paranoid Enough?

Back when I was an undergraduate psychology student (about a hundred years ago), our Abnormal Psych professor told us that every year a significant percentage of paranoid schizophrenics were discovered to have been telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth all along.

In other words, they really were picking up radio signals with their tooth fillings, or were followed by creepy government agents who knew their every move, or were stalked by unknown malevolent others who wanted them dead.

At which point the psychiatric hospital would update their charts and release a report that said, "Oops."

Ha, ha. No not really.

Psychiatric hospitals don't apologize!

Crazy people do regularly turn out to be telling the truth though, which brings me to a point I keep meaning to make in this blog and keep putting off because it makes my head hurt.

In a nutshell (so to speak), the point is this:

In a sea of conflicting disinformation, the most compelling disinformation, the disinformation that seems the most 'out there', the most disinformed if you will, is always the truth.

Every good con man knows that the best place to hide is in plain sight--the trick is to set up the situation such that the truth is indistinguishable from bullshit--not that hard to do, really, if you make the effort.

So here's how that gambit goes with UFO stuff: lie, story, lie, delusion, delusion, lie, truth, lie, delusion, story... Hey! That sixth explanation is BONKERS!

Can you believe someone actually believes that?

The U.S. government has been messing with the minds of ufologists and others since the late 1940s. Are they really covering up some kind of alien agenda?

I'm thinking, no. I think they started out trying to deflect public attention away from the atom bomb, discovered how effective it was to mess with people's heads that way and how broad the applications were, moved into various 'Shock Doctrine' psy-op experiments that yielded creepy good results, and now, having done all that experimentation, have gotten to be experts at keeping us all talking about utter nonsense 90% of the time while they continue whatever dasterdly crap they are up to these days for whatever dasterdly reasons.

So when I'm looking at UFO stuff, I always think to myself, "Which of these things is not like the others?" Where in this mess of weirdness is the paranoid schizophrenic telling the bald truth?

Because he's there all right.

He's probably monitoring my thoughts right now.

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