Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Forbidden Swooning & Sexual Alienation

I'm sitting here with an essay about R.D. Laing, Freud & Charcot, hypnosis, alien abduction, science and imagination, and social hysteria swirling around in my head, and words are kind of spilling out of my ears all over the floor and I keep tripping over them and watching the dog skid across the kitchen floor on all the loose punctuation and stuff so... while I grapple with my Pam-thinks-too-much demons (and the essay), I thought it would be cool to just post some artwork.

The first image (above) is of Charcot hypnotising a female 'hysteric' around the turn of the century (from 19th to 20th) for an audience of scientists and physicians. What tools those guys were!

This is what R.D. Laing and Thomas Szasz said in so many words: that those guys were major tools.


Next we have Tobor the Great (representing mechanistic science and logic and so forth) with a similarly swooning beauty. Tobor is starting to rattle humankind a bit... I mean, the robot is out of control and worse, he wants our wimmin!

Like most men, Tobor the Great has 'every human emotion" (see top of poster), but not the slightest clue how to handle said squishiness. I mean, eeuuuwww.

But what he can do is make really dishy blondes faint and carry them off to...well, we don't know yet, but he can sure carry them off, huh?

These alien intelligences continue to carry off our wimmin until the situation approaches meltdown, as illustrated in a later poster.

They are now triggering RAW PANIC! and worse, they are about to TARGET EARTH!

Something has to be done about this, right?

Something IS done about it, and pronto!

Now we have human men carrying off swooning women again. (Whew!)

But seriously, is it enough?

What if, what if, what if this thing that wants our wimmin isn't robotic at all? What if it isn't symbolic of hardware headed science nerds who can't remember their wedding anniversaries and still think women are, eeeeuuuwww...gross!

What if, instead of that, it's really bug-eyed aliens carting off our swooning gals?

Oh the creeping horror of it all!

In such a situation, it is indeed hard to know how to proceed.

It might be a good idea to start by asking the girls themselves. I mean, how do we know they aren't asking for it? You know how girls are.

But they don't speak science!

How can we ever get to the truth about this alien invasion when the humans closest to it are devoid of legitimate language?????

Luckily, some tools who were pretending to practice neurology back in the late 19th century found a way to neutralize the inherent gooiness of the female race and to get at the truth by telling these females--rendered harmless by the old hynotic gaze of course--what the truth is.

Thank God for Freud!

Seriously, you can't be asking GIRLS what's going on without first telling them what's going on, right? That would just be cruel and unusual.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, it turns out that what is going on is that aliens are abducting and making hanky panky with our wimmin.

This has been going on for awhile.

This makes the women they are making hanky panky with quite mad. (How could it not? I mean, it's disgusting, right? We have no idea how much goo is involved in such activities, but it has to be really, really super-gross.)

Luckily, we do now have a way of keeping tabs on these nefarious activities...Yes, that's right...

Abductee Betty Andreasson under hypnosis

By rendering the victims immobile and dreamlike, we get at the stunning truth of the matter (and if we sell tons of paperback books and get invited to conferences by doing so, hey, is that our fault? Is that wrong? A guy has to eat, right????)

OK, I'm done being a smart ass.

(For now.)

All I'm saying is, we might get more interesting answers about alien abduction if we asked more interesting questions.

Also, we might get more interesting answers if the popular books posing the questions had cool pictures like these.

Yes I will write my boring ass essay. I promise.

But this is the internets, you know.

If I'm going to write academic blather and use big words I must first atone with pop graphics and an appropriate amount of snarky commentary.

You might want to skip my next post. 

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