Sunday, July 27, 2014

Giant UFOs & Triangular Craft

Belgian triangular UFO Courtesy J.S. Henradi
Is the US working on enormous aerial transport vehicles?

If so, why?

In recent years, UFO sightings have increased, although you would hardly know it from watching or reading what we generously call 'the news'.

Sightings have changed, however. The most commonly sighted UFOs in recent years have been enormous UFOs (the size of several football fields), and triangular craft with lights on each point of the triangle and in the center.

(Orange balls of light have also increased, but these will be addressed in another post.)

In Belgium in 1989 and 1990 hundreds of people saw and photographed triangular craft like the one in the photo above. The military saw them, they showed up on radar, they were clearly visible on several occasions over several major cities.

When the U.S. military was asked about the triangular craft in Belgium it said it had no information.

Why does the U.S. take this unhelpful position over and over again? Are these ours? Are they experimental? If so, why would we be flying them over Belgium? If they are not ours, why are we not interested?

I find this really weird.

Mass sightings of huge craft occurred in Phoenix, Arizona in March of 1997, and in Stephenville, Texas in 2008.  One Stevenville man saw a huge craft at close range (several hundred feet) that was so huge he could not see the edges of it or the sky until it rapidly accelerated upward.

That is passing strange if nothing else, and there is no reason to think the man was lying or ill.

Why then are UFOs such a target of ridicule? And why is the US so quiet?

More thoughts on this later.

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  1. Unfortunately, the guy who took that triangular UFO photo has admitted it was a hoax.