Monday, July 14, 2014

Time to Ditch the ET Hypothesis?

The ET hypothesis is the idea that UFOs come from outer space and are sent here by extraterrestrial life forms.

Most people don't consider the ET hypothesis to be a hypothesis at all.

If anyone brings up the topic of UFOs at all (which, it seems to me, happens less and less these days) most people will respond with something like, "Yes I think the universe is just too vast to rule out the possibility of life on other planets."

Skeptics might say something like, "We don't know how to travel those vast distances. I think it may be the case that highly advanced civilizations might well die out before they develop the technology to travel to other planets."

When we look at our own situation as supposedly intelligent creatures on planet Earth, both of these positions seem plausible. We hope there is life on other planets and can see it is probably so. We also see that out own civilization is in danger of snuffing itself out. Soon.

What everyone seems to have forgotten at this point is that the term 'UFO' is an acronym that means Unidentified Flying Object. UFO is not shorthand for "technologically advanced craft visiting earth from some other planet."

Some of the best recent writing on UFO phenomena comes from people who suspect UFOs might not be extraterrestrial phenomena at all. Since I am currently writing a book that takes some of these newer ideas into account while placing UFOs into a different context, I thought I would resurrect this blog.

Maybe eventually I can sell e-copies of the book or offer it for free on this site.

Maybe not.

But I felt like I was ready to talk about this in a new way and that doing it here might be a good option.

More to come, stay tuned...

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